🐶Genesis - Collection

3333 programatically generated Shiba's Inu that love to wager large bet in the Moon Casino.

Moon Inu has arrived to the Metaverse. Moon Inu is a collection of 3333 NFTs brought to the blockchain. This community loves the slot machines, we love to wager big and bet big to earn the most rewards and then locking those rewards away in our very own state of the art Staking Platform. These fundamental traits will be heavily displayed in our Genesis collection consists of 300+ unique hand-drawn traits and is made up of tons of other art files which have been used for complex layering and blending modes. Certain traits will be rarer than some, that means that certain traits which are more rare will have more/higher/rewards on our native platform. Please be advised that the Moon Inu Collection is a collection that is here for the long-term. The endgame is to launch and succesfully integrate all our platforms into one synchronised ecosystem.

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